Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVR)

Helping individuals looking for their own job can receive services through DVR. These services can provide assistance throughout the job search from finding job openings in the community to filling out applications, resumes and preparing for interviews. When you get a job through DVR services you may also receive on-the-job support.

  • Internship/Temporary Work
    -is a time-limited, paid work experience. This service is designed to provide DVR consumers in-depth knowledge of day-to-day work requirements in a competitive integrated setting. Possible purposes may be to try out a job, determine an appropriate vocational goal, determine needs for rehabilitation technology or job accommodations, assist with work hardening, or develop a current work reference or new skills.
  • Job Shadow
    -is a career exploration activity, designed to increase an individual’s awareness. It takes place in an integrated, community-based work environment. The individual is allowed to walk through the workday, within the actual environment; witnessing firsthand the work they may be interested in.
  • Job Preparation, Development and Placement
    -are a comprehensive set of services to assist DVR consumers in their efforts to plan for, seek, obtain, and maintain employment. Three services are included in this statewide service category.
    -Examples include: Resume, cover letter, mock interview, application process
  • Systematic Instruction
    -are task-based employment supports provided by service provider staff to assist DVR consumers on the job site. These supports include help with learning the job, talking and working through different situations, and communication strategies, and may also include individualized discussion of options to get to the job site. These services may be provided along with other employment services such as on-the-job training, internship/temporary work, job retention in supported employment, and job placement and development services.
    -This service is provided in two parts, initially a task analysis to determine the tasks that make up a job followed by targeted and systematic instruction based on what the consumer needs to learn. The duration of these services varies depending on the needs of the individual, and the services are intended to fade as the consumer learns and performs job tasks. Other employment supports, including assistive technology and natural supports, can be used along with systematic instruction.
    -We take a fading approach which means that we provide as much on-the-job support as necessary for each individual to be successful but as they progress with job understanding we fade out and work with their natural support so they can be as independent as possible.
  • Supported Employment
    -are provided to gain competitive integrated employment in an integrated work setting in which an individual with a most significant disability, including a youth with a most significant disability, is working consistent with their unique strengths, abilities, interests, and informed choice, with ongoing support services.
  • Partners with on Partners in Business
    -is a strategy for providing on the job support using a consumer’s co-workers instead of a provider employee. The employer is reimbursed for the time a co-worker spends assisting a consumer. This service is especially effective for consumers transitioning to Long Term Supports but can also be used for consumers that will not.
  • Pre-ETS
  • Transition Services
    -These are supports provided to transition aged youth before they enter the working world.  We provide skills training, on-the-job training along with needed accommodations to individuals to be successful in competitive integrated employment.
  • Project SEARCH
    is a business led collaboration that enables young adults with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration.