Word on the Street


“I like many things but probably lawn mowing is my favorite.”

-Mason R

“I like working at Epicurean. My time flies by while working there. I like that I am making new friends and I like to see the different products and assembling them.”

-Ashley D

My favorite thing about Embark is packaging and being able to work at my own pace.

-Jackie O

I enjoy being able to listen to music because it calms me down.

-Kaylee J

I enjoy working at Chartwells (job placement) because of the people I work with and the work that I do.

-Chris G

I chose SVC because I like the staff and can have 1:1 time with them. They know when I am having a bad day and take the time to talk to me and make me feel comfortable.

-Amy W

I enjoy being a part of the mowing crew because I like being outside and it’s fun.  I came to Embark after it was recommended by the school.  Everyone is so nice here too.

-Kelley H

I chose Embark because they have lots of opportunities to choose from as well as being able to have the winter’s off and work the remainder of the year.

-Mike J

My favorite thing about Embark is building relationships with the staff and my coworkers.

-Bill M

Community Prevoc helped me understand what I want to do for work, taught skills for interviews, and the ability to talk to coworkers.

-Erick V

After completing Community Prevoc I feel like I have more professional skills.

-William M