Katie Sides – Skill Instructor for Project SEARCH

[email protected]

Responsible for coordinating the work crew/enclave department and organizing and maintaining contract expectations along with participant scheduling.

Katie Sides has been with the company since September of 2020 and recently accepted a position as a Skill Trainer working with Project SEARCH.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs.  She is artistic and spends much of her spare time creating.  Katie has recently discovered her green thumb and has an expanding house plant collection.  A favorite and inspiring quote of Katie’s is: “Nothing changes, if nothing changes.”  She believes in working towards a series of small goals to better yourself or your situation.  She enjoys assisting people to reach their goals.  Often times, the end goal can seem unattainable, but when it is broken down into a series of small reachable goals, there is a much higher level of success.  She has found this true in her personal life, as well as with the people she serves.