Published: Jul 27, 2021

The rebranding of Embark Supported Employment

In 2020 Ashby Rawstern became Executive Director and during her tenure weathered a once in a lifetime pandemic that brought about significant changes to the organization. But rest assured, Embarks core beliefs haven’t changed. Our unwavering commitment to our values, our participants, and our core philosophy remains the same. 

With all the changes we have made to our programming and staff the Board and I felt that what better time than now to rebrand.  The name Embark Supported Employment was chosen because our participants are embarking on a journey and as our mission statement says, we are “supporting individuals as they discover their dreams through meaningful employment and community engagement.”  The leaf symbolizes participants in the program falling away from the tree and beginning their own journey to find competitive community integrated employment.  Our job here is to support them on this journey and ensure that each individual has the needed skills and abilities to be successful.  Our tag line says it all….Work. With A Purpose.

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