Word on the Street

Business Partners

“Adding Embark into the Epicurean team has been a great move. Their positivity, dedication, and commitment to quality has made a positive impact on our business. We look forward to developing our relationship with Embark further.”

Operations Manager | Epicurean Cutting Surfaces

“Through our time interacting with SVC our business has improved because of the peace of mind their service provides. We don’t have to worry about the daily requirements of cleaning because they are quick, efficient, and thorough. They provide a confidence that the cleanliness of the office will be well maintained.”

Katie Grymala
Business Administrator | Artic Compressor

“The Embark team has been a great resource for us. The team eagerly packages our retail accessories, allowing my Ravin team to focus on manufacturing.”

Sharon Schultz
Manufacturing Operations Manager | Velocity Outdoor

“I so appreciate all of the amazing work that your team has done for the city and for the community as a whole!”

Linda Cadotte
Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director | City of Superior